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TikTok is a social networking application for iOS and Android by ByteDance. The app has quickly become one of the industry leaders with a user base of over 2 billion viewers and creators. Using the app, you can watch, create, and share short videos with a variety of unique visual effects. It’s a great way to have fun and gain publicity on the web if you’re a creative person. The app is free for everyone.

Hands-Free Camera – 5/5

Well, TikTok may look a bit confusing when you launch it for the first time. The app consists of several screens on which you can do different things. The interface on each tab is also unique. It takes around 5 minutes to understand and remember how things work. But mastering the app’s capabilities may take days and weeks as it offers a whopping number of creative tools for self-expression and implementation of your creative ideas.

Full-Stack Fun Hub – 5/5

TikTok has two sides. On the first side, you can use this app to entertain yourself on the go, scroll the feed, and watch hundreds of user-created videos about anything you are interested in. People here do crazy things, and it’s really exciting to watch them.

On the second side, you can become one of those cool guys who make awesome content and get millions of views. And the best thing is that TikTok has all the needed tools built-in for that. The app lets you record, edit, post videos for free at no time, and become famous!

Ever-evolving – 5/5

This app is the fastest developing online environment for content creation. You can learn new stuff for creating cool videos almost every day and even come up with your video editing tricks to surprise everyone.

Only Mobile – 3/5

On the one hand, TikTok is an excellent social network and video editor. On the other hand, there’s no official way to visit and manage it on a computer! Why so? Nobody knows! This app needs a desktop client or website to let creators do routine stuff and viewers to watch their videos on a big screen.

Summing up

With TikTok, you will never have to think “how to kill time” anymore as this network will become one of your favorites quickly. But don’t forget that it’s not only about watching cool videos. It’s more about making and sharing them!


  • Loads of instruments for self-expression
  • Millions of awesome creators
  • An exciting way to communicate
  • Good marketing platform.


  • No web version for PC
  • Easy to lose followers.

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