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Telegram is one of the most popular messengers at the moment. About 400 million people use it every month, and this number is only growing. Besides, the app development does not stand still; developers regularly add new features and expand its capabilities.

Telegram Interface (5/5)

Chats with your contacts occupy the main part of the screen. In the top left corner, there is the main menu with access to profile settings, contacts, and functions. You can find a search bar in the upper right corner where you can look for friends, channels, messages, and files.

Main Features (5/5)

This easy-to-use messenger has quite extensive functionality. In addition to the usual chats and audio calls with friends, you can send them files of almost any format and links that can be viewed right in the app. You can even have a chat with yourself as some kind of cloud storage. If necessary, you can create a secret chat protected by end-to-end encryption technology and additional security measures (for example, a self-destruct timer).

There are also a lot of useful bots here. They help organize polls among your channel's readers, advise you what to read next, and even create a funny meme.

Telegram is also can send notifications about scheduled events that come in the form of regular messages. Besides, the app has a vast system of settings. You can control which content can be downloaded, change the look of each chat, choose where the sent videos start and even manage your online visibility.

The only thing Telegram lacked was video calls. However, the developers have already started testing this function (on iOS devices so far). It won't be long to wait.

Telegram Usability (4/5)

The messenger's main functions are in a prominent place, but the app has so many additional features and settings that a simple user may not even find them. To do this, you will have to spend time studying all the tabs.

Supported Devices (5/5)

Telegram has apps for all popular operating systems and supports synchronizing messages on all devices. To use a mobile app on Android smartphones and tablets, make sure the system version is at least 4.0. If you have Apple products, then it should be running iOS 9.0+ or ​​watchOS 5.0+.

Summing Up

Telegram has several amazing features and goes far beyond a regular messenger. Developers never cease to amaze users by adding new features.


  • Reliable protection
  • You can send almost any file
  • There are versions for all platforms
  • Free to download and use.


  • Files larger than 2 GB cannot be sent.

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