Surfing in California: the 5 best beaches


Surfing USA!
A small trip along the coast of California, discovering the best beaches for surfing. Dream waves for all fans of this sport, beginners and not.

“California here we surf”: this could be the new motto for all those who have this sport in their blood, always looking for the perfect wave to ride. California offers a good number of beaches for all surfers to challenge the mighty waves of the Pacific. Waves for beginners, waves for the more experienced and waves for the more daring: let’s see together which are the best beaches in California, discover the Californian paradise for surfers.

Half Moon Beach

Not far from San Francisco, this beach is definitely recommended for more experienced surfers as the waves here can reach 20 meters high. Imagine a six-storey building ready to fall on you: in front of such a wall, even the sharks that wander around in the area will seem little to you.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

Officially called Malibù Lagoon State Beach, it has been renamed Surfrider Beach because of the great presence of surfers who challenge its powerful waves every day. Set in a breathtaking landscape, where the mountains caress the sea, Surfrider Beach is a true paradise for all surfers in the world.

Pismo Beach

This beach is one of the many offered by the San Luis Obispo County and is one of the most hidden in the eyes of tourists. The particular characteristic of the beaches of San Luis Obisbo is linked to the variety: stones, rocks, rocks and sand follow one another for miles and miles. Pismo Beach is a giant expanse of sand and the water is not the hottest, but its spectacular waves make all surfers daydream.

Huntington beach

This beach is located in Orange County, the home of the famous TV series of the same name, and is among the most important worldwide for surfing. Every year, in fact, the world championship of this sport takes place in this town. Huntington Beach, is also called by the Californians themselves as the “Surf City”.

Mission Beach

We left this last beach, located on the outskirts of San Diego, because it is the perfect beach for all those who want to learn how to practice this sport before throwing themselves into the “arms” of devastating waves that can be found in the other beaches mentioned. The waves here are neither too high nor too violent and allow fun on the board even to the less experienced.

The Californian coast is a paradise for surfers from all over the world. Every year, thousands of surfers flock to the Pacific coast to take on the highest and most powerful waves. If you are also a fan of surfing, or you want to see up close the best surfers at work, California is the ideal destination. Enjoy your surfing in the Pacific!

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