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Spotify Music

Spotify is an acclaimed music streaming service used by over 280 million people all over the world. The app is designed for both smartphones and desktops, combining high-quality music, functionality, and usability.

Design — 4.5/5

Created for a comfortable and simple user, the app’s interface is minimalistic yet highly capable. All the features are easily accessible with a click on the mosaic-like tiles. Grouped and categorized by artists, albums, genres, etc., the design is an experience itself.

You can customize your preferences and make your playlists by adding songs you like most. If you’re not sure what to listen to today, it will offer you its best picks based on your previous music history.

Features — 5/5

When using Spotify, the first thing that catches your eye is the diversity of functions it offers. The app offers many playlists, podcasts, and singles, both old and recently released. You can add them to your personal library and create playlists according to your mood, type of activity, and more.

To simplify a song search, the app offers a personalized approach to your favorite music. After the first use, Spotify already starts compiling lists of music you might like. Each replayed song is compared to similar ones to estimate your genre preferences.

In case you are looking for some fresh music, make sure to access the compilation library. You can find a whole new range of music sorted by mood, genre, rhythm, and even occupation. They all can be added to your library to come back to them later.

Usability — 4.5/5

It’s extremely easy to use Spotify. You can log in using your Apple ID, Facebook account, Gmail, or create a new personalized account within seconds. In the first couple of days, the app is entirely free to use to access all the functions without a limitation. 

Cross-Platform Use — 4.5/5

Created both for Europe and North America, the app easily synchronizes with most modern social networks, email providers, and clouds. You can link the app to your Instagram account to quickly access your playlist with your followers and friends.

Summing Up

Spotify is truly one of the greatest music streaming services you can find online. Easy and simplistic to use, it helps you compile your favorite music and discover so much more.


  • All the best music in one place
  • Free trial
  • Sharing feature
  • Desktop and smartphone synchronization
  • Personalized playlists.


  • Expensive subscription
  • Country limitations.

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