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Snapchat is a popular social networking application for mobile devices by Snap Inc. The app is designed to let you communicate with your friends and other subscribers by posting attention-grabbing visual content. Due to a variety of integrated tools, you can create bright content on the go and boost your following. Snapchat is perhaps the friendliest social network for iOS and Android!

Use Friendliness – 5/5

This app has a straightforward interface design that makes communicating and creating visual content really simple and intuitive. The app includes several sections, in which you can view updates by other people, record videos, edit content, chat privately, and more. The entire app is colored in white and yellow, so it looks really friendly and can make your mood a bit better when you launch it.

For Avid Creators – 5/5

Snapchat is a virtual space for people who want to look and sound louder and brighter than other networks let them. Here you can record, edit, and share dozens of short snaps every day without annoying anyone. The versatile editor lets you add GIF animations, text, emojis, images, and other objects onto your snaps to make them catchier and share them with particular users, groups, and all users in a couple of taps.

Moreover, you can target your posts geographically and by user interests to ensure that only the right people see your posts at the right time. This feature makes Snapchat a unique marketing tool. You can use it to gain the following for your blog, personal brand, or business without any difficulties.

Watch & Show – 5/5

Even though Snapchat isn’t the largest network like Facebook, it offers higher retention rates and more interactive experience. The app is designed to boost user activity in multiple ways, so its quite easy to start sharing and chatting with people even if you don’t know them.

At Home & On The Go – 4/5

The full version of the app is available for iOS and Android, but you can also access your account from any web browser. The web version is somewhat limited to original features, but it’s very convenient for marketing and other time-taking tasks.

Summing up

Snapchat is a cool app to make your socializing, blogging, and marketing campaigns much brighter and catchier. The app lets you create loads of exciting content on the go and interact with users in a variety of unique ways.


  • Designed to boost interactions
  • Easy to start posting
  • Versatile visual editor
  • Useful marketing tool
  • Good for blogging.


  • Smaller than Instagram
  • Not worldwide-popular.

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