Short journeys: is travel insurance necessary?


Even if we wanted to be always on holiday, we know, unfortunately, that the days off are cash and not always enough to make big trips. But this does not mean that we cannot console ourselves with short trips, long weekends and short holiday periods in Italy, in some European city or, why not, in the world.

As a rule, when we travel in Italy or Europe, we pack our health card to make sure we can opt for good health care in case of need. In case of movement. In addition, you can apply for the EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card, which allows citizens of the 28 Member States of the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to have easier access to medical care during stays in other European countries that use the card. The card is issued to all descendants of the National Health Service who hold Italian citizenship or who have their residence in Italy.

Travel insurance for a short trip?

If you are wondering if it is necessary to take out a travel insurance policy for a short or very short holiday, the answer is yes. If we are planning a trip to Europe, we must know that the EHIC has its limits and does not guarantee that health care is always and exclusively free. During these types of short trips, the conditions of the health care system in the country we are visiting come into play and may affect the quality and free provision of health care services. If, on the other hand, we want to go to a country outside Europe for a few days, there is no doubt that, in order to travel with the certainty of being covered at all times, we must take out travel insurance.

Foreign travel insurance

Foreign travel insurance is one of the things you can’t forget before leaving for a trip, even if we’re leaving for a short trip or a long weekend. Especially if you plan to travel abroad to a country where the health service can be expensive, or where you may have problems accessing a good health service. Sudden medical treatment in the United States, for example, can be extremely expensive and can ruin your entire holiday, and not only that.

Medical Assistance

Dealing with an injury or illness while travelling can have many implications. Urgent dental expenditure, the need to incur medical and pharmaceutical costs, or the need to go to a hospital for hospitalization or even surgery are unlikely events, but having an insurance policy is certainly important both for the economic aspect and for the presence of a valid support in the management of the accident. In this case, in fact, insurance companies, even at a distance, are able to follow the insured and support him in case of need.

Loss of baggage

Can there be anything worse than losing your luggage when you arrive at your destination? With baggage coverage you will be refunded in the event of loss, theft or non-delivery. The warranty also includes the cost of basic purchases in case of delayed baggage delivery of more than 12 hours.

Airplane delay

Finally the day of departure has arrived, you have got up early and are ready to leave, but when you arrive at the airport you discover that the flight has an unexpected delay. Please note that the insurance company will reimburse you for any costs incurred during the waiting period if the transport is delayed by more than 6 hours.

Extension of stay

It’s time to return from your trip, but when you arrive at the airport, you realize you’ve lost your passport. With “Expenses arising from the obligatory extension of the journey” cover, we will cover these expenses.


In the unfortunate event that a traveler accidentally causes damage to a person, if the policy underwritten provides coverage for damage to third parties, the insurance company will worry about the compensation.

Totaltravel mini is the ideal insurance for short trips: € 200,000 of medical expenses, repatriation or medical transport for the insured person and for the insured travel companion, delay or loss of the services contracted, compensation in the event of an accident. And if you are looking for a higher limit of medical expenses, or if you want to extend your luggage or accident coverage, your travel policy is Totaltravel, the most complete and customizable insurance.

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