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Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is the follow-up to the famous Hello Neighbor, making it an online multiplayer. Now you join the party of kids going down to the basement in search of their missing friend. But the notorious Neighbor can pretend to be one of them and make his malicious contribution. Download Secret Neighbor for Xbox or Windows 10 and join the creepiest trip!

Graphics and Sound 5/5

While visuals of Hello Neighbor were being discussed widely, this game just follows the tradition. The creepiest Neighbor you have seen (even when disguised as one of the kids), the 3D house full of strange passages and mysterious machines, claustrophobic interiors, and jumpscares of the neighbor – this is all the tradition of this game, despite the gameplay is changed.

As for sounds, they are both creepy and theatric. They have to work as a solid background, given that there will often be a voice chat over them. Put your best headset on, or connect your best acoustics to provide the correct stereo. 

Gameplay 5/5

And on the gameplay. Now you team up with up to five other players and enter the house of the Neighbor to explore it. It’s still a first-person game, so no one sees the entire picture. That’s why voice communication is so important in it.

It’s better to have various classes in the team. For example, the Leader encourages others, the Brave can escape when caught by the Neighbor, the Inventor makes machines, the Detective finds the keys that you later use to open the basement, and so on. Along with the primary ability, each kid has a secondary one defined by the class.

As for the Neighbor, he’s always around, and he can appear out of the dark with one of his machines and portals. He can pretend to be one of the kids and replace the original, following the party this way. The neighbor wins if no kid reaches the basement. The kids win if they liberate their friend.

Controls 4/5

So far the game is available on Windows 10 (Steam) and on Xbox, and that’s enough to cover all the possible control options. In Windows, though, controllers are not officially supported. On the other hand, you can set your gamepad up with Xpadder manually and get the identical experience on your console and on your PC.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

While the original Hello Neighbor was a crazy complicated investigation for the hivemind, this one is rather a cybersport based on the familiar world. There are no more global mysteries to explore; it’s rather about collaboration and coordination. And that’s why the mystery solved by others still remains a mystery. So the game is here for long.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty in this game depends on the party. How many of you are there? How well do you know the setting? Is there any language barrier? Are you an established or a random party? Hardly you know unless you are a friends’ collective. And that makes the game more difficult and less predictable.


Secret Neighbor is a step from the original mystery to the sportive competition in the familiar environment. It adds some action and makes the game less creepy and more fun, some sort of ironic rebuild. But despite this reviewing of the essence, it remains an essential part of the lore built by tinyBuild, so it’s worth attention, no matter if you liked the original.

Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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