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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game by Microsoft and Mojang. In this game, you can create and edit virtual universes, along with trying to withstand attacks of various dangerous wild and fable creatures. Besides, you can join multiplayer servers and have fun with numerous players from all around the world. The game is available for Android, iOS, and all other major gaming platforms. Moreover, you can team up with players independently from their platform!

Blocky Thing – 5/5

For some players, Minecraft looks like something very old, but it’s not a fair evaluation of what the game has to offer. The entire game universe is powered by a proprietary engine, which generates sequences of clocks to create randomly generated all-terrain worlds. The “building” material for the engine is large blocks covered in different low-resolution textures. Sounds not very promising, but the final result is really impressive and highly recognizable.

Build & Destroy – 5/5

In Minecraft, you can destroy absolutely anything that comes on your way. You can either dig down to find diamond ore or cut woods to get blocks for quick building and start constructing a castle or anything else. If you feel very creative, you will enjoy the creative mode, which lets you build without mining and provides you with endless blocks.

In the survival mode, you will have realistic limitations and constant need for food and sleep. Blood starting creatures will try to catch you almost all the time, while resources will drain quickly, leaving you no choice but to hunt.

A Bit Clumsy – 4/5

The controls in Minecraft are pretty simple and a bit clumsy too. It takes a while to get adjusted to the character physics, but it becomes a pleasure to play when you finally do. You can also connect an external controller to your device to make it even better.

Endless – 5/5

Minecraft is an infinite world of creativity, challenges, and fun. Here you can spend days without feeling a lack of content. If creative and survival singleplayer modes seem to dull, join any multiplayer server, and you will change your mind.

Summing up

Minecraft has become a legendary game long ago, and it remains one of the most popular multiplayer sandboxes. The game has evolved over the decade, and now it offers an astounding amount of awesome content.


  • Unique blocky visuals
  • The full destructibility of the environment
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Simple to master.


  • Some players won’t like blocky visuals
  • A bit clumsy controls.
Graphics and Sound
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