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Instagram is a social networking application and the largest image-sharing space on the web. The app lets you create photo and video content, share it with the world, and view works of your friends, influencers, brands, and other sources. It’s also one of the most extensive promotion services for any business niche. You can download the app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Classic Experience – 5/5

Instagram has been around for years, and its main interface elements remain the same. There’s a convenient bright feed for checking out new content, the upper feed for stories, the camera app on the button in the middle, and so on. Developers manage to add new features without damaging the classic structure of the app, so it’s a pleasure to use it and learn if you’re a newcomer.

It’s About Beauty – 5/5

Instagram has established many new genres of video and photography, and people keep creating new crazy stuff every day. The app lets you take photos, record videos, edit them with filters, and share them via your personalized feed. Besides, you can shoot cool interactive stories and brighten them up with emojis, images, GIF animations from GIFY, insert text, and many more.

No matter what type of content you post, you can always refer to other people and products to promote them and vice versa. It’s also an excellent way to promote your products as well! Just create a Facebook store with Shopify and link it to your Instagram to boost sales. That’s what millions of businesses around the world do every day to sell more.

Always Exciting – 5/5

This app is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, fun, and communication. Loads of worthy content and a convenient interface make it one of the best user experiences. It’s easy to start sharing your life here, and you can get numerous benefits in a variety of spheres if you use this app.

Almost Cross-platform – 4/5

The best way to use Instagram is to install it on your smartphone. And the mobile version is excellent. However, you can also log in via your computer browser, but it will be much worse. It’s just a plain website that lets you watch content and comment on it.

Summing up

Instagram is a must-have app for any smartphone user. It lets you express yourself and explore the endless feed of high-quality content created by other users. It’s the best platform for sharing photos and short videos.


  • Convenient, creative space
  • Loads of quality content
  • Effective marketing platform
  • AR filters and many other tools for stories.


  • The web version is almost useless
  • No way to post from computers.

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