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Hulu: Watch TV & Stream Movies

Hulu is a famous TV show and movie provider, bringing all its best features to your smartphone. Watch TV shows that you like and discover so much more while resting at home.

Design — 4/5

With its simple yet innovative interface, Hulu brings the best TV shows, movies, channels, and more to your home. When browsing for something to watch, the options are displayed as tiles or a list, to your taste. By clicking on a show, you enter the menu giving you the most important information about it. Add it to your favorites, put aside to watch later, or jump right to it.

Features — 5/5

The app combines essential features you can want from a streaming service. With its in-built AI, the platform shuffles and chooses shows and movies you might like to watch. Based on your preferences and watching history, it notifies you about the new, upcoming seasons and episodes of your favorite picks. Besides this, you can share your picks with friends and family if they have a Hulu account. Synchronize two devices at the same time and mirror your shows on them.

If you’re planning on going offline, all the movies and TV shows can be downloaded on your laptop or smartphone. You can choose the language, subtitles, speed, and even more streaming options to turn it into a personalized experience. As long as you have a subscription, all the features are free of charge and have no limitations.

Usability — 4/5

To control the app, all you need is a subscription and a stable Internet connection. After setting up an account, the platform asks you a few questions about your preferences. Based on that information, it’s going to create your streaming lists, so that you don’t have to shuffle through the endless lists of options. By switching to the ‘Live’ mode, you access a variety of TV channels, like ABC, Fox, TNT, etc. on the regular Cable.

Cross-Platform Use — 4/5

The platform can connect to your Facebook account to provide you with sharing features. This way, your friends and family are always updated on what you’re currently watching. Also, you can log in to your Hulu account on multiple devices. Whenever you pause your streaming on one of them, you can easily start the place left on the other.

Summing Up

Though Hulu has some minor deficiencies, it is still one of the best for portable and handy binge-watching.


  • Very responsive and adaptable
  • A multitude of watching options
  • Can be used offline
  • Personalized account
  • Mirroring and sharing.


  • A lot of ads
  • An automatic shuffle of preferences.

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