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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an indie action horror game by a young Russian game development team, tinyBuild. It’s a unique story about a young boy who dares to investigate what happens in his weird Neighbor’s house. The idea turns out to be a complete nightmare, and you’re the only one who can help Nicky escape this story alive and get the answers. You can download the game for your smartphone, PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Surreal Trip – 5/5

Hello Neighbor developers didn’t try to create a realistic horror game with blood and gore. Instead, they created a game that looks like a surrealistic dream of a young child. Everything around has weird shape and size, and the overall atmosphere is really scary. You will be surprised by how a cartoony game can make you feel uncomfortable. The rooms of Mr.Peterson’s house and his dark basement are very exciting and scary at the same time, so you will enjoy exploring this maze.

Spooky Stealth – 4/5

Hello Neighbor gameplay is based on first-person stealth-action mechanics. You play Nicky, a boy who notices his Neighbor’s strange behavior. When he hears screams from Peterson’s yard, he decides to go and clarify what’s going on.

There he finds a large locked door where Neighbor supposedly keeps innocents in captivity. To get inside, you have to explore the house and see the keys. However, it’s not that easy as Peterson can detect and catch you now and then.

As you progress, the house transforms into a high and weird structure with lots of rooms and secrets to find. It also gets much scarier and loads your head with many more questions, making the process even more exciting.

Good Grip – 4/5

The controls in the game are quite good, but a bit too clumsy for performing stealth actions. Sometimes you may grab something inaccurately and make noise. On the other hand, it’s a cool gameplay challenge.

One-time Story – 4/5

Although the plot is so exciting and the game is highly immersive, you’re not likely to complete it more than once. But if you’re a hardcore fan, you should try to play it on the hardest level or make a speedrun!

Summing up

Hello Neighbor is an excellent horror game that will scare both newbies and old fans of the genre. It’s also a really exciting story with many unexpected twists and a high-quality stealth-action for gamers who love challenges.


  • Unique visual style
  • Available on many platforms
  • Exciting plot
  • Smart enemy AI.


  • No multiplayer
  • Rare bugs occur.
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