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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is an action shooter game by the famous Rockstar Games company. The game tells a story of three criminals who get back to business after years of calm times. But the world of crime has changed a lot since their last business, so things get tough and hilarious at the same time. You can experience this game on your PC, Xbox One, or PS4. The developer also announced compatibility with the next console generation.

Still Beautiful – 5/5

Although Grand Theft Auto V is over seven years old, it still looks impressive. The game's environment is highly detailed, while the physics engine and advanced AI modulate highly realistic scenarios and object behavior. The quality of lighting and shading is incredible, so playing the game even on medium settings is a real pleasure. If you have a powerful PC, you can also use graphics modes to make it look even more realistic.

Legendary – 5/5

Every new game in the GTA series gets much better than the previous one, and Grand Theft Auto V is not an exclusion. The game sends you back to Los Santos. The redesigned city features tons of new stuff and areas to explore. You can spend hours just roaming around.

The action part of the game is interlaced with excellent screenplay and scene scripting, making it look like a top-notch Hollywood blockbuster. You can switch between the three characters almost anytime and benefit from using their unique traits and abilities. This feature is very useful in missions.

Full Control – 5/5

The cool feature of the game is that the control scheme is the same for all the three characters, but their response is different. Due to this, you can feel the actual difference between them and enjoy mastering their behaviors.

Long Story – 5/5

The single-player mode offers over 80 hours of unrecurring content and unlimited free exploration of Los Santos. The game is impressively addictive, and you can keep playing it with excitement even after completing the story mode and all the side quests. If that feels not enough, try GTA Online next.

Summing up

GTA V is currently the most progressive chapter in the series and one of the best open-world action games in history. It's full of stunning action, hilarious humor, and realistic drama. This game cover so many aspects of our reality that it's worth a large and very exciting book!


  • Excellent visuals
  • Good for modding
  • Over 80 hours of missions
  • Stunning TPS/FPS action
  • Advanced physics and AI.


  • The multiplayer mode is sold separately
  • No Switch version.
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