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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an arcade game for those of you who still remember the classics. Easy to play and pleasant to the eye, the app has everything you might want: an exciting plot, unexpected twists, and a good character development.

Visuals — 5/5

The game lays down the most important arcade cornerstones: the atmosphere, intrigue, and dynamics. Neon-colored and bright, the visuals are attractive and eye-catching. Thanks to the color spectrum, the game is filled with suspense and excitement, making your progress through the game as fast as it gets to reach the next level. The well-developed matrix and objects are high-quality, with each detail, character, and surrounding made to teleport you back to your childhood.

Gameplay — 4/5

Your main task is to do what a real 90s-arcade hero has to do – save the day from whatever dangers there are. Hop on your rocket, fasten the belt, and soar through the dungeons filled with ominous threats, aliens, and callous traps. All of this is accompanied by upbeat, motivating UFO sounds and music.

When unraveling the mysteries of innumerable levels, you can discover new, hidden areas. With each accomplished mission, you get interesting rewards, skins, and cooling abilities. Don’t forget to come by the main menu to see your achievement score to compare your results to those of other players.

After getting enough experience and learning a lot about the game’s basics, you can try to be a game developer yourself. Enter the builder mode to receive all the tools you might need to set up your dungeon. Devise traps, dig abysmal holes, and spawn various monsters.

Controls — 4/5

There is nothing easier than to take charge of your avatar. Use the on-screen control buttons to manipulate the movements of the imp. Follow pop-up instructions should they appear on the screen to perform special techniques and combos. Make sure to adjust the motion and vibration settings in the main menu for better maneuvering.

Replay Value — 5/5

The game is here to entertain you wherever you are and whatever you do. Hundreds of mystery-imbued levels with stunning visuals, fun plot twists, and ambiance do the trick well. It’s hard to quit playing the game even for a brief moment, which implies that it is worth a trial.

Summing Up

If you enjoy old-school games with an excellent plot and easy-as-it-gets goals, consider getting yourself Geometry Dash.


  • Well-stylized, preserving the best from arcades
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Easy-to-use user-friendly interface
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Character-customization.


  • Not free
  • Somewhat imbalanced in difficulty.
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