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Gacha Life

Gatcha Life is about embarking on a fun journey and exploring an anime-styled world. Accomplish exciting quests, make friends, and play dozens of interesting mini-games. To do all of this, create your own, unique character, and save the day!

Visuals — 4/5

The game is designed to take the best features of animes and mangas that we all love. With constantly changing backgrounds, new surroundings, and animated characters, it’s a pleasure to explore the world with so much yet to tell. Thanks to the details that are so well-drawn, the game stands out among similar 2D products.

Gameplay — 4/5

When starting your adventure, you have to make a character of your own. The developers have assured that the choice of clothing, accessories, and features is vast. By experimenting with colors, styles, and origins, you can create an avatar, unlike any other in such an immense world of creativity.

Follow the main plot, leading you to a variety of quests, battles, and rewards to discover places you couldn’t even imagine. As you progress through the game, meet new people, make friendships, set up your guild, and write your own heroic story. All your actions will influence your community position and respect, giving you more interesting possibilities for growth. If you get bored following the main plot, don’t hesitate to spend some time enjoying a whole array of simple yet involving in-game games.

Controls — 5/5

After creating an avatar, you get access to an immense range of abilities and features to make progress through the plot. Here, you can enjoy fishing and live tic-tack-toe with your friends and guildmates. When starting a quest, you can activate your battle mode to fight enemies, participate in duels, or even multiplayer battlefields. In case you need to calm down a bit, make sure to come by to the nearest pub to have a pint of something tasty or try out the job of a DJ.

Replay Value — 4/5

The game is full of neverending possibilities and fresh content. More and more people are joining the game daily, replenishing the community, and making communication easier. You won’t ever get bored if you keep on making connections and exploring the world.

Summing Up

Gacha Life is a simple, fun, and user-friendly dimensions of explorations, teamwork, and tranquility.


  • Diverse and fresh
  • Nice character-builder
  • No linear plot
  • Multiplayer
  • Smart and funny.


  • Too many ads
  • Somewhat glitchy.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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