Meditate Together with Headspace in a Snapchat Mini App!

It has always been the Snapchat thing to enrich communication. Snapchat mini-games are already well known. But now it’s time to close your eyes and live your wish together. In collaboration with the famous Headspace, Snapchat starts rolling out its mini-apps for meditating.
Last summer, Snapchat held its Partner Summit where the idea of mini-apps was articulated. The Minis are HTML-based apps that run inside Snapchat and enrich the chatting experience with new possibilities. First, Snapchat introduced games. Now it’s time to get serious and take a look inside.
The Minis are supposed to be developed by third-party companies. The first one here is Headspace, famous for its meditation apps and services. It lets you meditate together with your friend now; all you need to do is login to Snapchat, start a conversation, and run the mini-app within the chat.
The mission of this Snapchat app is, as a spokesperson states, to “help support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Snapchatters”. Is it so important that the service launches this app first? Or were the others just a bit slower than the meditating leader?
Snapchat team says the former is closer to the truth. It has detected a growing level of anxiety and aggression among its users, and the initiative is meant to help them (that is, us) stay sane and calm in these insane days. The fact is that, despite lots of companies and individuals specializing in psychological assistance and support, an average person would rather speak about it to a friend than to a shrink.
So the company offers its assistance where the users are ready to accept it. Meditating together may seem a bizarre idea for some, but many others will open up to it. Anyway, the sessions offered in this app are just 3-4 minutes long, thus easy to try.

Other apps from the first batch are...

  • Let’s Do It. It’s a virtual assistant that helps a group of people come to a decision together.
  • Prediction Master. This mini-app helps Snapchatters testing their prediction abilities; maybe, the new Edgar Cayce is here? Even if not, it’s fun to compare your expectations with friends.
  • Flashcards. Now you don’t need a standalone app to memorize formulas, equations, foreign words or expressions, and so on: you can assist your studying right in Snapchat.

None of these apps requires so-called “Snapchat Premium”. They are as free as any Snapchat game or regular communication feature. New ones will follow these four later; all Snapchat users will probably be notified about updates.