Emoji Sets Get Richer: Apple and Google with Over 100 New Ones

 Those not into emoji may wonder why others need so many of them. But as soon as you start to color your messages and posts with internationally readable icons, you can’t give it up. This fall, the language of emoji welcomes newcomers in its vocabulary. Both Apple and Android users will enjoy 117 newest emoji and exchange them with each other, due to support by Unicode. The new pics are already approved as a part of Emoji 13.0.

The day for announcements had no alternative. The World Emoji Day is usually celebrated on July 17, and this is the perfect day to roll out everything that has anything to do with emoji. Who is deeper into it than companies developing the most popular mobile platforms?

As for Apple, the company plans its major OS updates this fall. Release versions of iOS 14, iPadOS14, MacOS X Big Sur (and maybe watchOS 6, given that emoji language is way more necessary if you answer from your wrist) are expected this fall, like Apple got us used to. Beta versions are already here, but the new emojis for iPhones are only visible to those who have installed beta too.

Google prepares the innovation to come with Android 11. It has also redesigned some existing emoji to make them look better on the dark background when the dark mode is on. To avoid emoji copy and paste, the emoji will be accessible via a special bar in Gboard. The beta is coming this Thursday, and the release not much later.

What are these new emoji? They include a face with a slight smile, a hugging emoji (it hasn’t been on Unicode strangely), a baby being fed by an adult, a veiled man, a tuxedo woman, and lots of animals, like a polar bear, a bison, a beaver. There are also many foods (tamale, fondue, pepper, olives, flatbread) and drinks (tea in a teapot, boba tea), and so on.

Well, even despite quarantines and closing borders, the world gets global, and our communication gets more and more international. That’s why it matters: emojis meanings are clear without translation.