8 best airlines to travel with children


You can’t always choose which airline to fly with, but where possible I’ll tell you which I think are the best airlines to fly with a small child.

Which airlines are family friendly?

Easyjet, unlike the first one, this company offers priority boarding to families with small children, you can board strollers, cribs or car seats and warm bottles or baby food in flight. It is one of the most child-friendly low-cost airlines in the world.

Air Dolomiti, does not have the priority of boarding for families with children, but flying with them is exceptional. At the arrival of the children on board, the hostesses not only deliver the sanitizing towels, but also give the children a travel kit (pencil case, notepad, ruler and tip), a nice surprise that allows us parents to stay a little ‘quieter in flight, the children will be busy drawing.

If you fly Finnair, a Finnish company, children up to 12 years old have a 25% discount, those up to 15 years old, flying with an adult, are also entitled to a discount. At Helsinki Airport there is a desk for families with small children. If the stroller is within the size of your carry-on baggage, it does not need to go in the hold, otherwise it will be loaded with the bulky luggage for free.

Aegean provides young travellers with a kit with the name Aegean Junior Pilots, which is differentiated by age group. Distinctive memory cards and sketchbooks so you don’t get bored during flight hours. At the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaca there are dedicated check-in desks and those travelling with small children are always first on Aegean flights.

Vueling, offers a service similar to Air Dolomiti while being a low cost. No priority boarding for children, but with the possibility of boarding the equipment. Welcome kit in the plane (for us it was a holy hand) and possibility to warm bottles and baby food.

Lufthansa, I would say one of the best airlines for children. Priority ‘imbarco, welcome kit, possibility’ to climb the food, seats wide enough to make the children sleep in their arms (which is not taken for granted, especially if you make long trips). General: the staff is very kind to the children

Alitalia, despite being one of the most criticized airlines, we have flown both with small children (the big one was 6 months old) and with the dog and the service is exceptional! With children priority boarding, welcome kit, possibility to warm up the necessary for the trip. We were even brought boiling water to sterilize a dummy fallen to the ground.

Transavia, an airline not exactly cheap and not even family friendly. We traveled 4 years ago with no priority boarding and no in-flight benefits. Maybe things have changed and I hope so! Maybe they have become a little more attentive to the needs of families.

Ryanair, maybe the most famous among the low cost airlines, but certainly not the most family friendly one. Priority boarding for families is not a right, you embark before the person who pays the priority, you can, however, ‘bring strollers, any car seats or prams. In flight, at the discretion of the crew, it is possible to heat the bottle or baby food.

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