20 most best amusement parks in Italy


From North to South, along the entire boot, Focusjunior.it has selected the most interesting amusement parks where to bring children. Coasters, dinosaurs, ferocious animals, dolphins: there’s something for everyone. Look at the photogallery, read the descriptions.
The good season is here: flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer… And the amusement parks are reopening!

With the beginning of the beautiful sunny days, in fact, the amusement parks become a perfect destination to spend a carefree day with family and friends. Italy is very well equipped in this regard and therefore we propose a list of 20 of the most popular parks in our country.

Fauna park surrounded by a forest where you can meet the typical animals of the Alps such as ibex, chamois, marmot, various species of birds of prey, roe deer, wild boars, hares and common variables, deer and a multicolored alpine flora. There is also a play area and a picnic area.

Water park with Olympic-size 4-lane swimming pool, water massage pools and water attractions: the Water-Tube, the 65-metre slide, the Sliding Hills 4-lane slide and Kid Castle for children.

Gardaland is the most famous and visited theme park in Italy, even among the top eight in Europe. It offers dozens of attractions for all tastes, from fantasy-inspired ones like Peter Pan’s carousel, to red mountains like the Raptor, ideal for those in search of strong emotions.

This adventure park features 8 different courses, divided by age and difficulty: Junior, Senior and Kid Explorer, Junior Adventure, Junior Advance, Emotion and Braves Only. Added to this is Big Circle, an evocative tour around the perimeter of the park with a final flight over the Rio Centa through a long sequence of cable cars.

Obviously, the largest amusement park in Italy could not be missing, with 48 attractions, 5 theme areas, 15 shows, 25 refreshment points, 20 shops. Many attractions from “Guinness Book of Records” (Katun, iSpeed and Divertical), accompanied by themed worlds such as that of the cowboys (Far West Valley) or that of Dinoland dinosaurs.

It’s a mountain playground. There is a small lake with a mill, an Indian tent, a swing and a sandbox. There is also a rich calendar of workshops for children of all ages, including: orienteering in the woods, how to build a mountain village, flying kites and many more.

The playground offers over 25 attractions, including shows and mechanical rides of various kinds. A few steps away is the Zoo Safari wildlife park, one of the largest in Italy and Europe, which houses dozens of species of animals that move in semi-freedom on an area of 140 hectares that can be visited on board their cars.

Water park. There are numerous attractions for the whole family: from those for small children to those for the most daring. There are several swimming pools, a lagoon for children, whirlpools and some slides, including Big Twins: the two longest slides in Europe.

Amusement park with 34 attractions, among the most successful: Eldorado set in a mine of the early ‘900, the topspin Vertigo, space-themed, the Tower of Babel, The school, a scary path set in an old school and many other rides for children. There is also the water park area with slides set: Jungle Splash, Crocodile Rapides and much more.

Family park. A part of the park is a path in the middle of nature where you can see many animals in freedom. Another area is dedicated to children and is dedicated to fairy tales: the Village of Pinocchio, the house of Little Red Riding Hood, the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, the Little House of Snow White …

The Aquarium of Genoa is the largest Italian aquarium and the second in Europe after that of Valencia in Spain. In total it houses 15,000 specimens, 400 different species of animals and 200 plants. A journey to discover the aquatic environments of the entire planet and their inhabitants: from manatees to seals, from penguins to jellyfish, from dolphins to sharks, from Antarctic fish – the only European structure to host them – to the colorful fish of the coral reef. Moreover, for the little ones, there are equipped play areas and numerous educational paths to get to know nature while having fun.

This water park is famous for its long, breathtaking slides, including: Black Polifemo (slide with doughnuts, 22 meters high and 190 meters long), Big Olimpo (sort of water roller coaster 25 meters high), Omero Jump (free fall dive); Titano Roller and Chimera: 8-lane slide with water pipes and undulating slopes to cross upside down (unique in Europe). There is also an area dedicated to younger children.

The water park has 19 water attractions, including: the wave pool, the baby pool, then many types of slides such as the Kamikaze, where you dive, the Blue Hole tube closed breathtaking, the 3-lane Foam, the Creek and many others.

Water park. Attractions include the large wave pool, the Lazy River, hot tubs and the tropical lagoon with slides and water features for children. Among the most reckless water attractions: the Anaconda, with four water slides 12 meters high, all colorful and different from each other.

Water park with slides: 2 Toboggans, 2 Kamikaze, a Foam multi-range slide, the Black Hole; over the Rio Rapido, the relaxing slow river. During the day there are also fun moments of entertainment and shows.

Park that reproduces in scale numerous Italian and European monuments. The most incredible reconstruction is that of Venice, reproduced at one fifth of the original, so much so that you can sail on the Grand Canal in a gondola. There is also a children’s play area, canoes, the science amusement park, the train and other attractions.

Marine theme park. Among the attractions: the Pirates Lagoon where on board galleons you can shoot with water cannons, the 4D cinema, the classic waterway to be faced on board boats in the shape of a trunk, the roller coaster Vertigo with the turn of death. And The Age of Dinosaurs, which recreates a typical prehistoric forest with life-size dinosaurs.

Amusement park with 23 attractions, including shows and rides. Among the main attractions: Launched Coaster, roller coaster at a speed of over 100 km/h in just over 2 seconds, a fall tower where participants are dropped into the void from a height of 47 meters or thrown up in less than 1 second, the cinema in 4D, and games suitable for the whole family as the path on the trunks, the Eater balls, and then theater with shows.

Family park with many games: the Caterpillar, the Pirate’s Lair, trampolines, inflatable water rafts and other fun playgrounds. (Open all year round).

In a natural area on the banks of the Adda about 50 life-size reconstructions belonging to 31 prehistoric species have been placed, including arthropods, fish, amphibians, archaic reptiles, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, mammals and primitive men. The park also offers other attractions, including a botanical trail, a paleontological museum, the sight of animals in semi-liberty, a labyrinth and the train.

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