Die & Tool
  Stock Yard
  Forge Shop
  Heat Treatment
  Finishing & Final Inspection
  Machin Shop
Die & Tool
  • Has Full Fledge Design and Engineering Software’s resulting in perfect Die and Tool manufacturing, leads us to manufacturing new products within 5 to 20 days forging drawing approval depending upon Job Complexity.

  • VMC (Linear) supported with Unigraphics Nx2 CAM software to maintain Accuracy & Consistency for Die and Tool manufacturing and 3D Model Development.

  • Battery of Copy Milling & Lathe Machines.

  • EDM, Shaper, Planner, Surface Grinder, Tool & Cutter Grinder.

  • Tool and Die Manufacturing Facility is networked with CAD/CAM centered through Fiber Optic Line.
  • VMC 40 Linear, 70 Linear & V400 supported with

  Railway Engine
  Earth Moving Equipments
  Transmission Components
  Engine Components
  Propeller Assembly Components
  Earth Moving Components
Machine Tools and Electrical Components